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Helping on the Gold Coast since 1987

Gold Coast Skill Centre Inc (GCSC) opened its doors in 1987 to provide support and assistance to disadvantaged and long term unemployed people on the Gold Coast.

In the early days GCSC provided training in skill sets which were identified by current employment trends. A major part of this training was devoted to computer skills as these were becoming necessary in the world of business.

GCSC received funding under the Federal Government SkillShare programme and for many years operated from premises in Mermaid Beach and Palm Beach. It was during this time that a plan was developed to provide real life work experience under normal working conditions. The organizations sourced premises in Mermaid Beach and began a programme of building yachts, destined to be given to local scouting groups. This programme was delivered in conjunction with Hospitality training and computer skills training and well as programmes designed to assist participants in their job search.

Another project undertaken was the “Mature Worker programme” with the aim of providing participants who may have been in one job for many years and needed current job search skills. Innovation in developing activities to keep participants interested was an important part of the organization and resulted in the Federal Government New Work Opportunities initiative.